Frosted Windshield


I like to imagine

That there are stars on the windshield

Even though

the Sky

is nothing like that, really.


I like to think

that I can be four

Forever and Ever

And never find it hard to love

Or laugh

Or even cry

(sometimes crying isn’t bad)

(but I never seem to tell myself that right)


I like to dream

of camera angles

And stories that are True

that aren’t just broken shards

but you see

the stories look broken

because the scenery is.


I like to remember

that the snow comes down in thick flakes

and the World is Full

and the Four year old isn’t afraid

and everything sad

is coming untrue.



12 thoughts on “Frosted Windshield

  1. LOVE IT, Elizabeth – that’s really lovely <3. I enjoyed the LOTR reference at the last line, and the whole poem rings sweet and real. Do you like to write poetry much?

  2. O.O I love this, Bets. It’s one of those poems that gives me a shiver of ecstasy from its sheer beauty. And it also made me very nostalgic… *puts pwitty poem away in the Happy Box*
    I love your poems, dear. 🙂 ^_^


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