4 thoughts on “Roman Roads: Why Stiff-Necks Reinvent Wheels

  1. I love this article. 😀

    I think part of the problem is many peoples’ insistence to have the absolute-proof science seems to offers. Deciding to “settle” for a rational belief that /could/ be wrong but is far, far likelier to be otherwise is perfectly acceptable. It’s even necessary for some beliefs that cannot be proved with science, like the belief that Abraham Lincoln was once president.

    But even science’s offer is pseudo-absolute-proof. Many of the scientific rules by which we determine absolute-proof have not been proven to be absolutely true. (I have not considered this much, but I suspect most, if not all, of the rules would fall under this conviction. Surely the rules that are safest from the conviction are those that are rooted in logic. Here Katie would be a much better person to talk to than I.)

    The Ages theory is to some degree plausible but definitely not “confirmed,” (excuse the Mythbusters terminology xD) and there is no reason why it and its competing theories should not receive further scrutiny.

    I say history is definitely a lens worth using, as long as one is careful with it. Just like any other lens, only a bit of mishandling is needed to make it worthless.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed it. 😀

      *nods* It seems nigh impossible to have total, one hundred percent certain proof of most things… I think part of it may be because we aren’t in control. *grin* I definitely agree that taking something with less than ‘absolute proof’ that has a reasonable basis is perfectly legitimate.

      And excellent point on the historical lens. 🙂

  2. Interesting post, Elizabeth. 😀 I’ve thought about some of the same things before…
    *loves that Chesterton quote*


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