6 thoughts on “Note in a Bottle

  1. oy… yes. Very yes.

    Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I forget there is no face, grinning, less than an inch away from mine.
    Always, I struggle to Remember: haunted by Time.
    And more than once I find myself at the lamppost again, having just stepped out and gotten lost.
    Lost somewhere almost 100 miles and 24 hours away.

  2. Spot. On. Very. Very. Yes.

    A stack of postcards sit on my desk
    Every now and again I choose to sort through them
    The ocean mist hits my face and I’m swept away in the current
    The echoes of laughter and chatter fly by my ears in the wind

    Rivers of music whisk by our couch-boat as we sail through the day.
    The high notes dancing through the kitchen, the low notes humming conversation.
    Doctors and fantasy dance along, carrying the one who cannot dance–yet
    Pins and dragons and holes in computers sing the strong passion

    For several hours no mistake in a chord was made.
    Everything flowed seamlessly, and as the song came to an end
    The whispers of a lullaby enclose the picture
    As the sea releases it’s hold, and I’m stranded back in my home.

  3. This poem is beautiful, Shawn. You caught it. I love your style. It’s like an essence map, but not disjointed — it’s like a prism, sharp and refracting. Spot on. I can catch the ideas — feel the longing — ache with you — hear the quiet. Thanks for sharing.


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