Of Coffee and Cruel Authors

With the exception of an enthusiastic shorter man bombarding a constable with the details of a supervillain outbreak, all was quiet in the Teahouse.  Most voices were soft in quiet murmurings of conversations and clinking cups, and the mild October breeze wafting outside.

Tiny, shell-like panels ran along the walls in a shimmering illusion of scales.  If you sat still, small echoey songs like baby stars chattering clinked in the rafters.  Great windows flung open the light on one entire wall, revealing the scarlet-dripped orange leaves of the cherry tree outside.

Yes, all was still, except for the one room free of weapons and most moveables into which an authoress had thrown three unwilling characters with a Subject to discuss.

A short perusal of the room led to the start.  “I hate tea,” a sturdy dark haired character snapped, tucking his arms stubbornly against his soft green shirt.

The other man leaning against the wall raised an eyebrow in a sort of dry smirk.  “Then don’t drink any.”

“I won’t,” the first sniffed darkly.  “And don’t even go on about how I drink it anyway.  Of course the author had to throw us into a room with free drinks that none of us like.”

The woman shrugged at both of them, and smoothly reached for one of the mugs, tapping her fingernails across its surface.  “I’m sure it was intentional.”  She carefully tucked a strand of her black hair behind her ear and filled a cup, her eyes staring at the china-patterned wall above the bar.

“Now, if it was coffee…”

“Like this?” she held it out with a smile.  Black obsidian dark pooling bitterness, flecked around the edges with thin layers and light.

“How did you do that?” Lars’ dark eyes narrowed into a scowl and he unconsciously put a hand to his unruly blond hair.  Mika’s eyes widened and then ducked; and he dropped his arm angrily again, rolling his sleeve down to cover the ragged scar completely.

Jayson took it with a raised eyebrow, sniffed it, rolled his eyes and then took a sip.   His green eyes widened and he choked.  Lars straightened and took two steps, snarling, “What did you do?”

Mika simply cracked a grin as Jayson spewed out a mouthful of…

“Tea,” he gasped angrily.  “It’s tea.”

“If you poisoned him, I swear–” Lars stepped forward, thin anger stretched taunt in his bearing.

“I did no such thing,” she put her hands up defensively, and a imperceptible shudder ran through her.

“You practically did,” Jayson groaned.  “I need something to clean my mouth with.  Stupid authors.”


[This is part of the Chatterbox event, as thought up by Rachel Heffington!  This month’s subject was “Coffee.”  Also, thanks to Katie Daniels for letting me borrow Floyd and Adams from her series Supervillain of the Day for a cameo.  😀  Header/footer image by anthony_p_c on Flickr.]

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4 thoughts on “Of Coffee and Cruel Authors

  1. I love what you did with this. 😀 (And Mika! :rofl: Any chance I could borrow her services for… I dunno… something with Michael? ;))

    (…you’re also making me wish I could be a part of the Chatterbox. xD)


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