A Crisis At Hand

*taps at screen*  Hello?  Is this thing on?

Right, well, good.  I have something to tell you.  Through a brilliant sequence of coincidences, a very crucial event has coincided with my authoress’ brother getting his wisdom teeth out and a sewing expedition, and as such I have a chance to write this post.

My name is Jayson Neil Lewis, and I’m here to speak up about Supervillain Awareness Day.

Now, first things first.  I know, I know, I’m in a different series of books than Jeffy Lewis Floyd.  We have different authors (authoresses?) who play different instruments and both like to make hot chocolate at 11PM.  But Floyd and I are are pretty good friends, and I figured I’d help him out.

See, this supervillain crisis isn’t getting any better (you read the news, right? right?), and Floyd is the only guy who can stop the supervillains from completely overrunning Earth.  I’ve seen him in action.  He’s fast, and capable, and he’s out there dying instead of you every day.  Unfortunately, there’s only one of him, and an awful lot of these guys to deal with.

So here’s a change of pace: what can YOU do?

Floyd runs a website called “Supervillain of the Day,” and when his author isn’t busy posting about new shiny books on there, he maintains a database.  He keeps tabs on supervillains, as well as Stupid Things Supervillains Do (there are plenty to choose from) and how to deal with a supervillain.  Even if you are a well-trained operative like me (exactly how many supervillain hunting trips have you been on?), this information is valuable.  If you aren’t a well-trained and clear-minded operative character like me, you had better know the difference between a henchman and a supervillain.

If you want to know other ways to volunteer, you can ask Floyd yourself.  And while you’re on Twitter, spread the word!   Also, that other author who generally writes stuff to make people laugh and cry would probably want me to mention that all six books are available for free through tomorrow (Friday, November 22) because of some Insane Panic or something.  *shrugs*  Hey, if you read, free books are a good deal.

I leave you with this dramatic portrait of this day and age.  If you don’t do anything, well, maybe a supervillain will find you.  Or even better, find my author.  But whether you be character or author, take your part in this.  It could save your life.


Jayson Neil Lewis is a character well-known for getting into trouble and generally being a pest.  When not accidentally breaking windows, he can be found stapling rubber bands together and generally being more egotistic than he should in a WIP titled “Shattering the Dark.”


3 thoughts on “A Crisis At Hand

  1. Again you have failed me, when did the next book come out?! I am disappointed in you… 😉
    But hey, at least you have another good post.


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