6 thoughts on “Tag! You’re it!

  1. Burn. I just knew you’d tag me, all the while I’m reading your questions with a O.O gack! expression. 😛 But I loved your answers! And the random facts. I shall see about doing this. 😉

  2. I choose to be tagged!
    1) Frozen. Just as uncomfortable at first, but after a while I’ve heard it can be quite a pleasant experience…
    2) Hmmm. Hard one. I haven’t read much lately. Probably: “If you look at Kansas from an airplane you’ll see a thousand diamond grid lines and circles patched together.”
    3) An eagle most definitely.
    4) Oranges? Not sure if these are all oranges but: Navel Orange, Tangerine, and Clementine.
    5) That reminds me! *Turns on Pandora* Dare You to Move ~ Switchfoot
    6) What do you mean by super-hero? Like Avengers or Justice league sort of thing? Or just hero’s in general?
    a) Super-hero classic: Avengers, alot of cool characters, but not so many that you don’t feel connected with them some.
    b) Super-hero any type: Eragon, not well known, but really good. One of my default reads that must be read at least once a year. Reason he is a good super-hero though is because he is able to rescue alot of people, and he is one of those people that just automatically cares about others. Kind of like a Captain America with magic(and a dragon).
    7) A dream pair of socks? I have no idea. Comfy and at ankle length. Doesn’t rip/stain.
    8) Be unintentionally funny. And then his occasional witty comments are also great. *Shakes head* He’s such a Bardon.
    9) Narnia!
    10) A far-away orb of light. Bright yellow in the center, slowly darkening until it’s almost blood-red at the edges. It’s always in the same place if you watch it. But as soon as you forget about it it moves, casting shadows at far different angles. At sun-set it’s such a deep orange that red is almost the same color. Sun-rise it’s a bright pink at times, with a wash of yellow coming out of that. Very pretty indeed.
    11) I couldn’t say, don’t read much poetry. I remember none of the stuff I read over a year ago either…. Any suggestions?

    1. *grins widely*
      A few comments:
      2) Flatterer. *grins and shakes head*
      3) Yes, I can see that…
      4) Yup, good job. *grins*
      10) Ooooooh.
      11) Can I suggest poetry? CAN I? Yes. When would you like a list delivered?

  3. Challenge accepted.

    1) Oh dear. o.o …I think I’ll go with freeze to death, for no reason other than that for a moment, I’d know Eleanor a hundred times better.

    2) Have two.

    “No, precious creature:
    I had rather crack my sinews, break my back,
    Than you should such dishonor undergo
    While I sit lazy by.” ~Ferdinand, The Tempest

    “Alas! for the gulls. No peace shall I have again under beech or under elm.” ~Legolas

    3) SM says I’m a stork, because a lot of the time I’m quiet and I’m really tall. xD (That actually kind of fits, especially since I often raise one leg and balance on the other, for absolutely no reason. XD)

    4) Um… 2– no wait, that’s a type of tomato. Is generic orange a type? OH WAIT. AHA! Florida Oranges. B-)

    5) Let it Go. ^_^

    6) Don’t do this to me. -_-

    *much time passes*

    I suppose I’ll have to pick Spider-Man as my favourite. His beginning was very rocky, but once he came to terms with his powers and what that means, he soars. Ack, his _heart_ — especially when it shines in the context of protecting others. Plus, his powers and super-genius are cool, and he’s got a horribly awesome sense of humour. 😉

    …nah, I’ll cheat.

    My second most favourite is the Trickster himself: Loki. From what little I’ve learned outside of the recent movies, Loki’s motives and powers make him a cool villain, but Hiddleston’s interpretation — _wow_. Loki’s motivation, his pain. THE SCENE WHERE HE DEALS WITH HIS MOTHER’S DEATH. He is Loki; and he is burdened with glorious purpose.

    (Honorable mention: Bucky. Once we see more of him later, he’ll most likely catch up to Loki and Spider-man, if not pass them.)

    7) Non-existent.

    8) Talking as a Shorter. Quotes at the perfect time and situation — bonus points if FitzSimmons.
    Really, far too many things to list. 😉

    9) Quite a lot… *small smile* It means winter’s beauty. Another world or /the/ other world. A multitude of promises: of beginnings and endings, and endings that never end. It means a Fall day, laughter painted in the air and on a whiteboard. A chill Fall night, the stars above our companions.

    10) I’d base what I said off of the great Puddleglum.

    11) Also not fair. -_- At least this question admits the possibility of more than just one favorite.
    *thinks* Well… one of my favoritest of the favorites would be “If I could Tell You.”

    1. 1) You little writer, you. *coughs and grins*
      2) Ooooh…
      3) I…can see that. *grins*
      6) ACK.
      7) Amen. *grins*
      8) *grin*
      9) Oh…
      11) I wouldn’t want to make people have to choose /one/ favorite. o.O *smiles*


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