This Is Not An Essay

A face to hear and a voice to see.
Or something.  Some random questions you guys asked, and I talked for 13 minutes about in response.

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5 thoughts on “This Is Not An Essay

  1. Have I mentioned you’re adorable? You’re adorable. ^_^ I loved watching this! Even the Who references were okay. 😉 And you pronounc Nutella weird. o.O But I’m looking forward to your next one already! 😀

    1. Have I mentioned you’re a darling? *grins* Hehehe, I’m glad you survived the Doctor Who references. And I do? o.O You should film you saying it the proper way, for your Shawnie. *nodnod*

  2. I have a dragonling that is absolutely adorbs. ^_^ ❤
    I love your voice, and the cute way you pronounce "bent"….. It's interesting too, because in my state we don't enunciate our "t's." We tend to half-cut them off or we leave them out altogether! XD I just love how you speak, and all your cute expressions that are just so "you." Makes your Cinthy happy. *grin*

    I would never have guessed Sarah Jane as your favourite companion! I DID know Donna would be on your list. Ahh, Rory….. *long sigh* I love Rory. For all the reasons you mentioned, and because he's so sweet and loyal. 🙂
    Ooo! 'nother question! Why are you so fond of Fitz in AoS? Just specifically. 😀

    My Kirkly is almost legally blind?? o.o My poor dear. *huggles*
    You were so adorable when you answered the right hand, left hand question. ^.^ Yay! I finally know your favourite teas! *happy dance* The fact that waterfalls turn on your engineering mind (same here!) and that you own a throwing knife made you that more awesome. Also, love your answer for the superpower one. One of my favourite bits was when you were discussing your favourite Bible verse and talking about God's word. It was fantastic seeing your passion and love for Him shining in your words. ❤

    So. Much. Yes. to everything you said about sunsets over water. I have had the wonder of watching sunsets over the Great Lakes. And it is incredible. O.O

    Your poems get offended. I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT THIS HAPPENS TO! (though for me, it's stories, characters, etc.)

    The vlog pleaseth your Dragonkeeper muchly. She will be watching again. And she looketh forward to the next one! ^_^ *hugs*


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