I Can’t Talk About Favorites (Well)

About books, Andrew Peterson, and Leo Fitz – without me saying much actual information.  Blame it on a driving exam (I didn’t fail!) and moving into a college dorm room this week (I’m moving in right now if you stalk your inbox for my posts!) and don’t eat me. Please and thank.  Someone might get upset.

Fun Fact: my scream is intensely short and shrill in comparison to my speaking voice.  This has led to much laughter from my best friend when I am terrified, especially on certain waterslides…


8 thoughts on “I Can’t Talk About Favorites (Well)

  1. AGGH TELL ME ABOUT IT. Actually, don’t, because I’ve been going so crazy…like, I’m more anxious about AOS S2 than DW s8. Because DW is starting a new set of stories, with 12 and Clara; while I think I’ll like them, I’m not invested yet like I was with 11 and Ponds.
    But AoS s2? LIKE FITZZZZZ and Coulson and Skye (in that order) and Skye’s parent and who is Koening II anyway…
    So we shall go from unbounded crazy worries to weekly worries….not sure if that’s an improvement, but at least it’s different


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