8 thoughts on “chasing the glass

  1. These two thoughts, below, went deep with me… So, I shared them on FB. Blessings on the journey. Strength and hope and peace to you as you seek the Helmsman’s Way.

    It’s the idea that if I let the helmsman keep His course, all of my stories resound. And I want to be able to say “The stories are True” about everything I touch.


    I am alive. I am in love with the colors of amber and crimson and green and gold and every starry blue. Every single capillary in my body is alive, every sinew to the cells building and rebuilding my bones is woven with an identity. My place, right now, is to tell stories. That is the glass of my threads, and as long as I hunt for the Storm above the tapestry…the stories are True. shared

  2. Reading your thoughts is like my mind, my feelings, and my thoughts being a book and I’m taking a peek into my own mind.

    This is weird. You say all of the things I think and feel and haven’t even said yet… things I want to say.

    I’ve struggled with this very thing myself: in not caring for people’s opinions when they don’t care about me for me. So, I understand! And I also know what you mean about feeling as if you are where you were meant to be!

    You’re amazing, and I admire you so much…!


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