Interview: Of Darling Wrens

You know how there are some people you talk with for a few moments, and you inexplicably feel like you’ve known them all their lives?  That’s pretty much how my friendship with Annie Hawthorne (my petname for her is Cinthy, since she reminds me of hyacinth flowers) started: we clicked right off the bat.  Since then, we’ve exchanged writing and talked on the phone, I’ve adopted her as my dragonkeeper, and we ramble on about all sorts of things.  And now, at long last, she’s launched a blog!  EEEEEEEE!  I’m delighted to be able to introduce her to you guys today, and to point you to a lovely new site soon to be filled with perusals and things. ^_^  So, without further ado, read the interview and bookmark her blog!


Annie! Tell me a little bit about yourself, and where you like to write.
Bets! Thank you for having me! ^_^ I am a writer and lover of story, both imagined and lived. Jesus is my everything. Those two facts color my soul most deeply, but I am also an optimist who wholeheartedly drinks life in and will forever be fascinated by people and their soul-nuances. If I’m not listening to music, I’m whistling it; and if I’m not writing, I’m devouring someone’s else scribbled thoughts. My desk is the place where genius simmers (*cough*ifonly*cough*) and it’s cluttered by a happy, organized jumble of pictures, pens, books, notebooks, and treasured mementos with a battered lamp presiding over it all. 
What characterizes your writing style?
Vividry. Pathos. Humor. Fantastic villains (I hope). Someone told me that my writing is like “Kenneth Graham writes epic fantasy” — that made my day — and another friend said my style reminds her of C.S. Lewis. I’m also told that my characters are very alive, which, needless to say, thrills me. 
What does ‘essence’ mean to you, and where do you get inspiration for it?
In a nutshell, it means the undefinable “feeling” that books, charries, pictures, people, places, things, etc, hold. Honestly, I have no special formula that works for me. I simply put into my words everything I can to create the essence I want or that the story wants, and sometimes I get it right. Music helps immensely. 
What kinds of stories delight you the most?
Stories that make me cry and feel that ache of “beyond the tapestry” in my soul. Whether it’s over the courage and sacrifice, heart-wrenching deaths, a flash of vivid Sehnsucht, emotional scenes, or something as simple as a beautiful line. 
I also enjoy troubled villains, multiple story arcs, unquenchable charries, cats, and books set in old houses. 
What is the story/inspiration behind your blog name, “Curious Wren”?
I actually was inspired by you, m’dear! You often compare yourself to a mockingbird or bluejay, so one day I started thinking about what bird would fit me. The house wren came instantly to mind. They’re small, effervescent, fiercely protective beings — much like myself. Where does the “curious” part come in, you say? Like a wren I’m contented in my familiar surroundings, but a life of books fueled in me an eager curiousity about this universe of flame and color, and the souls it houses. 
What photographs regularly inspire you?

(E: I edited together a few pictures Annie sent me – aren’t they gorgeous?!)

Annie hawthorne collage

What are your thoughts on dragons as friendly?
Well, I am a Dragonkeeper. *wink* I’m fascinated by dragons. I keep an eye out for movies and books that feature the fiery creatures — you can imagine how happy How To Train Your Dragon made me. And more than one of my stories includes dragonish characters.  
Favorite sound-words?
Gossamer. Phantasmagoria. Goblet. Gloaming. Labyrinthine. Plethora. Petrichor. Discombobulate. Paraphernalia. Simpatico. Peckish. Juxtaposition. Primordial. Teal. Kismet. Flaming. 
I’ll stop now. 
Where do you go (online or in real life) for inspiration?
Online I roam my Pinterest boards or I read through writing articles and snippets posts on friends’ blogs. Tried-and-true methods.
In real life, the outdoors is always a jump-start for inspiration. Particularly the woods or the beach. It also helps to explore the sidewalks of downtown cities, but I don’t do that often. Country girl, y’all. 
What do you hope for your blog to be? A record, a story hub, a place of discussion, or something else entirely?
A place of discussion would best describe my hopes for Curious Wren. I hope to connect with people, inspire them, and stimulate Joie de vivre. 
Annie Hawthorne is a twenty-something writer who tends to be guilty of either hyperbole or crafting scenes that make her beta-readersCW bio pic cry. If she’s not scribbling YA fantasy, speculative fiction, and children’s literature, then she can be found interacting with her family as one of its more lively members or attempting to shorten her TBR stack (it never works). She practices piano badly, and photography even worse. People-watching, long road-trips, dissecting movies, Doctor Who and LOTR marathons, wearing red heels, and collecting mugs are always on her To-Do list. She chases beauty, and is a child of God. Annie talks books, writing, and life at https://anniehawthorne.wordpress.comYou can find her Twitter account here:

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  1. You have inspired me to follow her blog and her pinterest boards! Thank you. A sweet part of my day it was reading this post. 🙂


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