8 thoughts on “when you are jealous for your God

  1. Oh wow.
    “when he wept because he could not see you, even though he knew you were there (that is when You whispered precious things to his heart)
    and You came to him like rain in the desert,”…

    This reminds me of a journal entry I wrote a bit over a year ago… and blessed me as I remember the rain that came, and the rain that will come, and the light that penetrates the soul wounds with grace. Thankyou for writing. xo

  2. When your words echo feelings deep in souls, pulling them up from the soil of life, like long hidden flower bulbs; then they are replanted again, so beauty can break through and grow into a beautiful flowering that encourages the hoping past the grief and sorrow of days.

    Thank you for sharing. May the Lord’s comfort, healing and peace be over you and the boys loved ones…


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