i am a tower
drifting in and out
of the sun and sand
made up of so many small atoms
that shrink as the wave
of unwanting comes
and my name
is buried with hope
under a fear of being
told again that i was bothersome
when i hung around my
friends and my bitter
soul clings to
a smallness to hide
ash fear & weariness
smallness of courage and be-kind
that and a cracked heart
keep me like a rattling
shell but i want
to wake up from this
current of voices that
sing like angry sirens aloud at night
and break the tomb open
like another did for the
price of a broken
heart and bitter tears
just as the Homesick do
and my name is wrapped like a chain
even tho’ I dismantle myself
I cannot lose the word
even as I shake
myself for all the flaws
and my molecules berate
me, I was thought about and made and
that is a beautiful thing here
in the crystalline present

rebuild again unsplash header

For Further Reading
Brittle – Redhead Kate
The Present – Annie Dillard


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