I’m getting married in 42 days.

The comments and squealing and questions have already been hilarious. “What?!” is the most common, especially at college. “Are you guys going to live together after you get married??” is my personal favorite to cackle at.

(Yes. The answer is yes.)

I wasn’t expecting to get married before school finished, because Parker is sneaky and 100% pulled off the surprise of my life.  I almost passed out when he proposed, and was in a solid state of shock for at least an hour.  So far it’s been a crazy couple of months.  Wedding planning while in school started out as an immediate trip to Stressville.  I’m ashamed to say I turned into a Class A Groucho for a bit (still working on that!).  Sometimes it’s easier than others: a piece at a time is doable; looking down the span of a lifetime can be terrifying and thrilling simultaneously.

Our wedding date falls, poetically enough, on the Winter Solstice – the shortest day of the year.  It’s a turning point, an axis rotation.  It falls on a day that for thousands upon thousands of years cultures have recognized as “halfway out of the dark.”  The day means that the sun is coming back.

I’ve used the hashtag #thesunchasers for photos of us and our escapades on Instagram for quite a while now.  It fits us.  We like walks outdoors, and occasionally chasing the sunset up or down Stone Mountain.  One of the first songs he got me hooked on was “Solar Powered Life” by the Classic Crime.  We both love noticing how the sunlight hits in photos and real life.

And we’re both chasing the Son.  We hardly remember perfectly, but somewhere along the road it has been tattooed in our heartbeats that this is the only way to survive.  Cling to anything else, and you come away with fistfuls of bitter sand.  Chase anything else, and you run in dry circles forever.

It’s something we’ve been relearning all of our lives, all of our dating days, and especially as we’re counting down the days until marriage.  If we trip and drag our knees in the gravel, we have to let Him pick us both up.  If we don’t look to Him, we don’t make it.

I forget this a lot more than my man does.  I forget how the Story has gone and is going and will be: I get locked in a small window of the present and forget to see how the light falls on everything.  But he reminds me.  And on the days he needs it, I remind them.

There are a hundred thousand stories about oaths of loyalty and pacts that all hinge on words spoken to another person before others.  It’s binding.  The key part of the marriage ceremony is the vows; the rest is framing of context and meaning.  The promise is what you hang on to in the highs, the lows, and the repetition of quiet everydays.

That’s why our wedding hashtag is #SunchaserWedding: we choose each other, and together wait for the sun to come back.

photos by sonny pimentel, photographer genius

(bonus – best 100th post I could have made.)


4 thoughts on “#SunchaserWedding

  1. I forget how the Story has gone and is going and will be: I get locked in a small window of the present and forget to see how the light falls on everything.

    Needed to be reminded not to forget this. Thankyou. ❤

    Love this, love you, and absolutely ADORE those photos!!


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