The Freedom Giver

“Artists of a large and wholesome vitality get rid of their art easily, as they breathe easily or perspire easily. But in artists of less force, the thing becomes a pressure, and produces a definite pain, which is called the artistic temperament.” – G.K. Chesterton

spring runs from mountain to mountain
igniting the snow with the dawn
and the snow pours down its sides
gushing like crystal wax
ahead of the green & gold
lifting up its voice
in echo

the Lord’s holy arm stretched forth on Friday
as tears ran down craggy faces
and the earth shuddered as the blood of
Adam Done Right
poured over her shoulders
at the hands of the men who walked her back

and then she was a stone,
her heart walled off
as His body was laid in her arms
for the last time

His sleeve ripples back
as the dawn throws back the night in slow motion

with His arm outstretched
across the skies
the stars burn and go out
in the light of the sun

so I walk out of the darkness
with a yawn
stretching my arms out above me

how beautiful are the feet of those
who skim the cold wooden floor
as they stand
and hold up the good news in their hands
and publish peace
with their words
as they fight fight fight
to be truth,
to be revealed,
to see spring on the far mountaintops

how beautiful are the feet of those
who can look themselves in the eye and say
‘it’s not about you’
with a smile
as they cast about for infinity
like a baby waves its hands at anything
(the spinning fan, a trail of hair whisking out of view, or Nothing At All)
and giggles at what it has not caught yet

how beautiful are those who are confident
not in themselves
but in the Good Work being done
that makes them sufficient,
that pours grace over them
and all that they do.

how beautiful are those who are free.
how much greater is the Freedom Giver.

For Further Reading
Artists of a Large and Wholesome Vitality – Ron Block



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