Words I’ve Stacked


Bridled — When a British detective inspector is appointed to investigate a case similar to the one that tore his life apart two years ago, he must fight through his struggling health to solve the case before the Midwestern town falls apart and more lives are lost.  {Novella}  Coming soon…

Shattering the Dark — A reckless spy is assigned to a new partner who hates his guts – bad news for a dangerous line of business where you have to trust your life in the other’s hands and tend to fall in love with the same woman. {Heckuvasize Novel} Outline in Progress

Photograph Glass — Superheroes are illegal.  But when you’re born with the ability to fracture life into illusions based off of sensory overloads into that kind of life, it’s not your first instinct to be a hero.  {Novella I in ChessboardingOutline in Progress


[fixed.echoes] – Life Isn’t Simple. | When a space boy realizes he’s killing the love of his life in one of many parallel universes, he tries to leave.

EVA – coming soon

Accidentally On Purpose – When you’re a writer, your internet search history just might catch up with you.

Poetry & Shorts:

Awkward Awareness Ezine: Poetry Section  —  I wrote and submitted a poem called “Starsweep” — read it for free!

Blue — A Doctor Who wordplay I wrote, featured on The Doctor Dances — read it for free!

The Sword and Pen: The Poetry of Holy Worlds — “From fanciful rhymes to rich ballads to sober prayers, ‘The Sword and Pen’ is a collection as diverse as the people who wrote it. A compilation of over 130 poems, drabbles, and six-word stories written by the members of Holy Worlds, this collection showcases the heart and spirit of writers dedicated to capturing their words for Christ. Join an adventure that flows from dragons and battles to love and death. No two poems are alike.”  Several poems and six-word stories written by me are featured within.

Heralds of Courage: A Holy Worlds Anthology — “Justice is—the punishment of the guilty, deserved rewards, a righteous God; the absence of mercy. Honor is—kneeling in prayer, never quitting, doing what must be done; making the right decision. Hope is—a quiet faith in things unseen, a chance to turn your life around; the will to continue. Courage is what happens when you put these three things together. From the authors of ‘The Sword and the Pen’ comes another anthology, this time branching out to include short stories as well as poetry, drabbles, and prose that defies definition. Authors were challenged to write on one of three different topics and the result is 36 breathtaking depictions of virtue, judgment, failure, and perseverance. Let yourself be drawn into a world of battles and spaceships, werewolves and courtrooms, and the courage to stand up to it all.”  One poem of mine is in this work.



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