I Can’t Talk About Favorites (Well)

About books, Andrew Peterson, and Leo Fitz – without me saying much actual information.  Blame it on a driving exam (I didn’t fail!) and moving into a college dorm room this week (I’m moving in right now if you stalk your inbox for my posts!) and don’t eat me. Please and thank.  Someone might get upset.

Fun Fact: my scream is intensely short and shrill in comparison to my speaking voice.  This has led to much laughter from my best friend when I am terrified, especially on certain waterslides…


Ask Me Anything

One weird thing about the internet is that you never hear people’s faces or see their voices (wait, what?).

So if you ever decided “Hey, this girl writes rambly stuff and probably has an annoying voice, I never want to see her on camera,” skip this post.  And probably the next couple of posts.  Because huzzah, a friend of mine suggested this thing called a vLog.  It’s like a blog, but with direction and magnitude.  Wait, that’s a vector.

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