//covered in gold (or, a library older than light)

(started here)//for all the burdened who chase the Son

the light was exhausted from shining.  volcanic air had thrown so much dust and debris and hurt in its face as it rose, and refused to let more than weak strugglings of light reach the ground in mexico.  it cheered up when it saw georgia, but choked on the atlanta air and pollen. finally, it stumbled into the broad, comforting arms of a library.  the struggled through the window, even though the sky was finally clear again, and fell into the library’s lap with all the exhaustion of a child.

‘i need rest,’ the light said.

‘then rest until the morning, when you are new,’ said the library, and stroked its hair.

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[This is an odd rambly benediction stream-of-consciousness sort of thing I wrote years ago, almost as a story of its own.  It has a simpler essence, and is possibly even abstractly coherent.]

Don’t leave your brushes stand in the water, or the anti-watercolor bleeds into their souls.  Splash, colors.  Sailing on waves of silver.  Watch as the tumbling world cracks.

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207A (This is My Thesis)

A spontaneously drafted short story from the beginning of freshman year, when I imagined someone falling in love with someone they had never seen.  The rest is utterly imaginary for the most part: although a few elements are drawn from reality, I’m pretty sure no one has fallen in love with my voice.  Also, photo taken by my incredibly talented friend Sarah.  Enjoy.


I was a Senior that year in suite 207, with three roommates.  The lobby and stairwell were always blank and dilapidated, unlike all the pieces of paper you filled to be allowed into the upperclassmen housing.

Room 207A, and there were two tiny holes in the concrete beneath my linoleum floor.

The studious freshmen applied for the first floor in this dorm, the quieter freshmen, with headphones and double majors.

That’s why it was so funny that I could hear you.

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Face Up

Another post written for Rachel Heffington’s chatterbox feature!  This month’s topic was food, and thus I picked a certain Detective Inspector to write about…  Honestly, I expected this scene to be at least partly funny when I first thought about it.  Hah.  Of course not.

Colin vaguely remembered that he was supposed to eat regularly, though exactly what he could eat was another question.  The thought wouldn’t quite roll away, like the cold drizzle soaking into his hair and shoulders.

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Taped-up Snapshots

I’ve recently gotten sucked into picture collages.  I love taping together photos digitally in order to show a glimpse into a story; it gives me a tangibility to work with, and it is just plain fun.   😀  The idea fish have been nibbling again, and I decided to catch a few small fry today.  😀

Starting with Bridled

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June Snippets 2013

One of my skill sets includes giving snippets of stories with absolutely no context whatsoever.  I’m very talented, I know.

I thought I’d post some snips from my current novella, Bridled.  In a fit of sanity generosity I decided to be a clear as mud today and give you the logline and some background information beforehand.  😀

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DI Colin Hawkes, Hermit Crab

DI Colin Hawkes, Hermit Crab

I introduced my friend RJ (who resides at http://kitratskene.wordpress.com/ when not in the Nile) to Colin Hawkes by saying he was a hermit crab. This has led to many discussions about him as if the grouchy fellow was a literal hermit crab. So here I give you my attempted rendition of Hawkes the Hermit crab at the press conference. The heat lamp is because he is cold.