Beautiful People – August 2013 – Double Feature

Cowriting can be a pretty darn awesome experience.  In fact, pretty much all of my ventures into cowriting have been very darn awesome.  Probably because my cowriters are awesome.  And the co-creator of this story is definitely awesome.  You can tell because of the repetition for emphasis in the logical syllogism.  *cough*

The story started when my friend Mark went, “Hey, there’s this superhero story on Holy Worlds, you should see about it,” and then kept poking me nicely because I like things but I also forget about them.   It’s a symptom of cookie deficiency.  Anyway.  Eventually he brilliantly wondered aloud in chat if our superheroes knew each other, and…well…a story started poking less nicely.  Because this story is the sort of story that makes authors cry.  And laugh.

Hopefully, readers will feel the same too.  Eventually.  As part of the development, we enrolled two characters into the questionnaire called “Beautiful People.”  Mark answered the questions for The Dreamer, and I for Lance – who are currently from the same overall story, but different books.  Currently.  All of this is experimental science, so expect data fluctuations/variations in the final product.

Also of interest – neither of us picked ‘good guys’ this time around.  Manipulating people’s mind’s and–well, you’ll see.


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A Crisis At Hand

*taps at screen*  Hello?  Is this thing on?

Right, well, good.  I have something to tell you.  Through a brilliant sequence of coincidences, a very crucial event has coincided with my authoress’ brother getting his wisdom teeth out and a sewing expedition, and as such I have a chance to write this post.

My name is Jayson Neil Lewis, and I’m here to speak up about Supervillain Awareness Day.

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Of Coffee and Cruel Authors

With the exception of an enthusiastic shorter man bombarding a constable with the details of a supervillain outbreak, all was quiet in the Teahouse.  Most voices were soft in quiet murmurings of conversations and clinking cups, and the mild October breeze wafting outside.

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Why Crossovers Are Important

In my post The Teahouse at the End of the Story I mentioned crossovers.  What is a crossover?  In their most basic form, crossovers are when you use two or more characters from two or more different stories/series.

“Crossovers?!  Those are sheer procrastination!  Pointless things!  How dare you suggest my characters meet other characters outside of their stories?!  They might get ideas!”

“They might get ideas!”  That is exactly why crossovers are important.

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The Teahouse at the End of the Story

There is a restaurant at the end of the universe. Yes, at the end.  Outside of the universe.  If you have trouble with this concept, I offer up this explanation:

Rory: What is this place? The Scrapyard at the End of the Universe?
The Doctor: Not end of. Outside of.
Rory: How can we be outside the Universe? The Universe is everything.
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